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Portable Security Alarm Systems
A versatile alarm system.  Totally self-contained portable alarm system designed to give you piece of mind while traveling with your boat, trailer, lawn equipment, tools etc.   2-Way paging alerts you while you sleep or just a short stop to eat. If you always try to park up front at the restaurant when traveling you could use our products.  No longer will you have to bring your equipment into the motel room with you just to sleep at night. Put the fun back into your next trip with products from  STEAL ARMOR.com
Our Systems are some of the most advanced 2-Way Security alarm systems in the world! 1000ft range.  No fees, no service contract.  Providing a moveable self contained portable security systems
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Protect Your Tools & Supplies With a TRAILERWATCH Portable Security System from Steal Armor
How do our systems work?

At the heart of every Steal Armor Alarm is a Field Disturbance Sensor.  This is a ultra high frequency RF sensor that is smart enough to tell the difference between a leaf and a thief.  Without revealing any trade secrets about this sensor let me explain. 
Since our alarm systems work outdoors, we use this sensor over others to not trigger if the wind blows a leaf, plastic bag, cup, or insects within its range.  The sensor zones out small objects and latches on to larger mass objects. The sensor also has a 4 second delay after it is armed to prevent the user from triggering.
For best protection placement pay attention, test and retest if necessary before you decide on placement. 360° around and above the label on the alarm you have a huge coverage area.  The sensor has the capability to transmit through non metallic items or structures.  Example: Plastic, cardboard, thin wood, glass.  This advantage will allow you to hide it in a box, cooler, or throw a tarp over it.  Surprise goes a long way to preventing actual theft.  Why do you think most vehicle alarms make noise.  To scare off the intruder.  Same idea here. 
If you elect to use your alarm outdoors understand that the unit is not waterproof.  The design is built to be weather resist.  Sealed enough to protect sensitive components against moisture penetration. A light rain storm will not harm it.  A prolonged down pour is putting the unit at risk. So use common sense when using outdoors.
Sensor Range
Your unit is shipped with the sensor set to maximum setting.  We do this
because your alarm is easy to adjust its sensitivity just with placement or
containment.  If your alarm is placed on the ground and you draw a 20ft circle around it and above it this is a good will give you a range for its setting.  We use this as an example.  Moving around the perimeter of the circle will be some areas that will fall short of the 20ft away.  This attribute is common but not a disadvantage, unless your room or enclosure is a perfect circle that you are securing.  Remember; a thief has to enter the area from some direction.  Use this theory when placing your alarm for best results. 
Adjusting Sensor with Placement
Placing your alarm away from the main entrance area will allow the thief to enter deeper into that area.  This theory will prevent false signals if you locate it to close to traffic area while arming it for protection.  The area is still protected, the thief is allowed to adventure a little deeper into the protected area.  Use this procedure to adjust your alarm sensitivity.  Move away from a window, place it up higher, mount it to a wall to filter out anything behind the alarm, place inside a container to filter some the sensor.  All of these ideas are perfectly okay.  Get creative and you can fine tune your alarm just by placement. 
False Alarms
All arms even the most expensive one made have false alarms.  We know this and have designed your alarm to sound for only 30 seconds at a time.  Blast a 120bd siren for 30sec bursts and rearm automatically and blast again if it detects another movement.  False Alarms are not all bad.  No alarm can completely prevent this and offer quality protection. If you continue to get false alarms check placement.  Remember something has to trigger it to go off.  How do you know that it is not a thief.  A few false alarms are better than no alarm at all.  Better safe than sorry!
If you need to adjust internally the sensor refer to the supplied instructions.
  View Owners Manual (pdf)