...Portable Security Alarms Systems
ATV / Motorcycle
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Portable 2-way self-contained wireless security system for boats, trailers,camping, garage, business, or any property worth protecting from theft.  Protect your ATV with a invisible security system form steal armor.  Small price to pay for securing your expensive ATV or Motorcycle. Crime is ever increasing so why take the chance with your tools or toys.  Better safe than sorry. 
News...    May  2008 Now shipping a line of Portable security systems.
Portable Security Alarm Systems
...2-Way wireless security...  Portable burglar alarm system... The most versitiel invisible alarm on the market...
Crime is on the rise in the US as well as other countries.  This increase in partial due to the economical conditions that we are in.  Protecting your family as well as your toys and tools is ever more important today.  Keep crime to a minimum with a steal armor security alarm.  Portable self contained security systems build for specific purposes.  1 Year warranty on all models.  Assembled in the USA.  Each unit meets or exceeds our quality control.  Each unit is tested and adjusted for their intended purpose before they are shipped. Small amount to pay for peace of mind.
News...    July  2008 Now shipping a portable security gas protection system.  Protects underside of your      vehicle
Gas missing from your tank?  A lot of consumers are becoming victims to the latest trend in gas theft.  Drilling a hole in your plastic or metal gas tank to get at your expensive fuel or cutting a gas hose and removing gas from your tank.  Steal armor has been looking at this new trend and has answered the call to be the first out with a gas theft preventive alarm system.  We addressed the trend with a Alarm Sensor called PREARMOR  This device will go a long way in preventing gas theft and catalytic converter theft from your vehicle.  Read more...
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Steal Armor is on target with the release of Prearmor.  Read more...
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Press Release:   February 2009
Steal Armor has updated its current line of Portable Alarm Products with a new look.  The new casing will improve product in the manufacturing and applications.  Check out the latest offerings at Steal Armor.com