...Portable Security Alarms Systems
ATV / Motorcycle
Small Business
Value priced for the consumer that needs a practical security alarm system. No fees, no monthly charges. Stop theft before it happens.  Rf field-disturbance technology warns you when a thief enters this adjustable zone. The element of surprise results in triggering the system. All our products carry a 1 year warranty.  We take pride in our Products.  Assembled in USA.
Portable Security Alarm Systems
...2-Way wireless security...  Portable burglar alarm system... The most versitiel invisible alarm on the market...
Warranty & Disclaimer
Our Systems are some of the most advanced 2-Way Security alarm systems in the world! 1000ft range.  No fees, no service contract.  Providing a moveable self contained security systems from steal armor
Steal Armor takes pride in manufacturing its line of security systems.  Each unit is tested and tuned for its intended purpose before it is shipped.  We build them one at a time.  If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, return it in the original package for a full refund within the first 90 days. All returns are subject to inspection for abuse or damage.  Email or call before returning for Return Authorization. 
If you are in need for a repair call us at 1-866-424-0575. All units are cover with a 1 year Steal Armor warranty. Warranty work has to be performed by Steal Armor only.  Accessories carry a 1 year warranty.
For technical information or help with your unit call 1-866-424-0575.  Ask for the technical dept. 
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To keep our product updated to the latest technology, Steal Armor will occasionally substitute internal components.  This allows Steal Armor to maintain production control and offer to its customers the best available product.  All aspects to full fill the main concept for usage is strictly controlled by Steal Armor.  All warranties and liabilities are accepted by Steal Armor.  Once our product is assembled no other manufactures warranty applies to the completed product. Any supplied manuals are to be used as a guide and does not show affiliation or warranty with original manufacture of said product.  No additional manufactures warranty and liability is applied.