Stop vandalism from happening to your boat with the latest offering from Steal Armor.  Protects electronics with cover on or off.  Protects fishing gear stored or left out in the open.   A Bass Tournament fisherman knows well the need for such a alarm system.  Completely portable.  No installation required.
• 2-Way Paging
• Use with or without boat cover
• Weather resistant
• No installation required
• Invisible
• Protects against Gas Theft
• Notifies you while you sleep
  You have worked hard to get the exact boat you wanted.  Loaded it with the right electronics and fishing gear. You and your fishing buddy are going to have a great time this weekend.  Don't let a thief ruin your plans with his plan as well to steal your expensive equipment the same weekend. Boat covers are designed to protect surface from the elements not for security.  Using the STRYKER portable boat alarm to protect it is a small investment towards a great weekend
Provide protection to your electronics
  If you want to use your STRYKER bass boat alarm on a vessel that has a cover on it, go right ahead.  The alarm has been tested and works even under the cover.  Less false alarms occur when cover is held tight so not flopping with the wind or rain.   read more...
  Available in 2 versions.  STRYKER for a 2 Key Fob version that has a built-in motion sensor to detect the slightest movement around your electronics.  And the STRYKER 2 same features but with 1 paging Key Fob that receives a notification from a triggered alarm up to 1000 feet away.  Great if you are wanting to catch or are close enough to scare off the intruder yourself
Protect your bass boat with a portable boat alarm
What about a
Tournament Fishing Alarm
  You can hide the STRYKER boat alarm if you place it in a enclosure that is porous like a styrofoam cooler or a fiberglass  storage compartment.  Consider that and you might also consider adding a remote extra siren to the boat alarm because the build in siren will be hindered by the enclosure.  We have added a hook up to the STRYKER just for that purpose.
Alarm Accessories
Hide your boat alarm