Rental / Vender  Trailer Alarm
•  Rental Vehicle / Vendor Alarm 
•  No installation   No wiring
•  120db loud siren
•  2-Way notification on key fob, 1000 -1500ft range
•  Use in any trailer,  open style or enclosed version
•  Can be used to protect pickup bed or cargo van
Vending a trade show can be a very costly deal.  Are you responsible for the equipment you are showing?  Making the show without your displays or Products is a wasted trip.  Protect your merchandise with a TRAILERWATCH or TRAILERWATCH 2 Alarm system.  Better safe than sorry. A Portable alarm works great on rental vehicle
  Are you renting a van for a trade show event?  Does it come with a security alarm to protect you displays.  The stress to make a show a success now is harder today because of the economy issues all business face.  Having your products stolen while vending stolen while you are vending a show adds to your stress load and bottom line expense.  Steal Armor is offers you a simple solution to protecting your goods.  Set a TRAILERWATCH inside the trailer or van.  If a thief opens the door it sounds a 120db siren.  If you are within the 1000-1500ft range you can use s TRAILERWATCH 2 to be notified on your key fob.  This would work great if you are staying in a motel overnight and your van is setting outside in the parking lot
PRICE $425.00
TRAILERWATCH Vendor Rental Alarm
  If you don;t have a hardwired alarm on your vending trailer you might want to look at a TRAILERWATCH Alarm.  Hauling your rig from show to show is a feat in itself.  Stopping at rest areas, motels, food stops put you at risk for thieves taking advantage of a business on the move.  You don't want to come back to that state to deal with a theft.  Thieves know this.  Secure your trailer at a show overnight.  Place inside a TRAILERWATCH or TRAILERWATCH 2 system and  if your rig is opened the alarm will detect any movement inside.  Add additional attention getter with an additional outside siren.
Rental Vehicle Alarm
Secure your vendor trailer with a TRAILERWATCH ALARM
Rental Vehicle alarm
Arm the TRAILERWATCH to secure your Vendor Trailer
PRICE $499.00
Show Vendor Trailer Alarm