Surprise a would be thief with a loud siren blast and they will quickly drop and run.  The sound of a loud siren going off is the last thing a thief wants to here.  They added noise draws notice to his crime.  The TRAILERWATCH does just that.  With the added skin it blends into your everday equipment hardly noticed.  Once the zone is broken it goes crazy blasting.  You are notified as well with the 2-Way paging  more...
•  Protects open trailer
•  Places a perimeter are around the whole trailer
•  No installation Required
•  Weather Resistant
•  Invisible to thief
•  Saves valuable tools for your trade
Our Systems are some of the most advanced 2-Way Security alarm systems in the world! 1000- 1500ft range   No fees, no service contract.  Providing a moveable self contained security systems from steal armor
Stop thief of your lawn service equipment
Secure your lawn service equipment with the TRAILERWATCH
Easy pickings for the right thief when left unattended.  Does this look like your rig?  Parked on the job or parked in a driveway after work would sure entice a would be thief to steal.  Hard to trace this type of equipment.  No matter, you loose yours and you can not afford to wait till someone finds it.  You have to replace tomorrow because you have contracts to complete.  Just the gas with today's cost per gallon will cost you 20 bucks.  Why take a chance with your tools that make you money?  Check out the TRAILERWATCH or TRAILERWATCH 2  alarm security system. 
Stolen weedeaters, stolen blowers or any other lawn equipment easy to pickup in a parking lot or while the trailer is unattended.  Crime is on the rise in the US.  Don't add yourself to the numbers.
Protect your lawn service equipment
Warns you if someone is trying to steal your lawn care equipment
Stop thief